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A case for love

I love you! Phrase. For God so loved the world that He gave His only son. Action. I love you because of… Conditional sensory response. Because of the love she had for her daughter, she raced 11 hours across the country roads to comfort her while she recovered from pneumonia. Action. I love you!   

Me (MY-self)

Sometimes in life we get so attached to our own discomfort that we fail to acknowledge the pain that others face. On one hand this problem can be seen in the way we interact with our neighbors. On another hand we can actively disengage our reception of those who would otherwise be considered loved ones. […]

I need something to write

It is a strange, uncalculated state of blog, that I’ve found myself experiencing. I now face a regular roadblock when considering things to write here and they often turn into offline discussions. This is a blog, I intended for things to take place in the blogosphere, even if only with anonymous folks. Chali has taken to […]

Mice, Lions and Thorns

Feeling annoyed. The Car: Have you ever seen a car seat that has a broken back, the sort where the back won’t stay up? This can be the result of at least two interactions. One method is by the seat back bearing a weight that is heavier than its maximum load. Another method is by […]

Found too late

I’ve been conducting off-and-on searches for my godmother since shortly after social network kicked off.  I think that I must have become accustomed to the celebratory moment that is the result of restoring contact with people. This will not be one of those reunions. Farewell godmother.  

All my life I’ve had to fight

Well, not really. I’m just thinking about my brother, John, who could convince one that he has ownership of that quote. I have had to fight a bit, with myself and with the popular notions of the world at large. Some time ago, my interpretation of beauty began to be redefined. During my pre and early […]

Surviving Depression

I’ve been wanting to write this piece for a bit now. I think that it was early this year that I encountered a video of a girl who survived her sister’s suicide. I don’t remember her name, but I’m subscribed to her channel on YouTube. The clearest details that I remember are that she can […]

Cowspiracy Poster

Cowspiracy: The Tipping Point

This is post #1 of 1 in the series “Threads of Vegan” For the record, this post has absolutely nothing to do with tipping cows and should not be regarded as some clever joke that will eventually mention my road trip with Mayfield to Columbus, Ohio, for the sole purpose of getting breakfast… the same […]

A gentle reminder to get proper rest.

On sleepless roads the sleepless go

I’ve discovered that eventually the body will begin to rebel against the mind if the mind does not do well by the body.

Plan your days

“New” Year’s Theme?

I generally do not get involved with making new years resolutions; this is mostly due to my not being motivated by such parameters. The chapters of my life seem to be more thematic or to be grandiose, cinematic. Thinking more deeply into the matter, I cannot associate the coming theme with the year as I do […]