Questions About Marriage J.O.E.
1 Corinthians 7 and Ring M.F.B.J.O.E.L.E.A Volume 1

Teaching: The Start of a Revision

As far as teaching is concerned, this semester was to serve as a period for me to revise my teaching skills. I’ve instead found myself teaching, which is of course a good thing, usually. One facet of this time was to be spent working on developing a new set of lesson plans. I’ve become decent […]

The L Word

Love. Love love. God is love. Love that God is love. Now I need 8.  

1 Corinthians 7 and Ring

Questions About Marriage

I spent this weekend with some of the AV crew at my church’s marriage retreat. A major pivot point that was to not let the relationship be an idol, which is to say that the relationship of the couple is not to be held as more important than the relationship with Christ. Realizing that I’m […]

M.F.B.J.O.E.L.E.A Volume 1


I’ve found myself hooked on this an album by M.F.B.J.O.E.L.E.A. I hadn’t heard of them until I stopped by NoiseTrade on Saturday to look for new Christian Hip-Hop. It is FIRE. It is also free, as in $0, but you can give a donation (tip) if you’d like. Check it out…  

Loss… only not at all

One of my favorite people is gaining a new stripe as she transitions from a Baltimore-based company to a Portland-based company. This of course means that the divide between us will now be a tinge more pronounced than the Baltimore beltway or our schedule conflicts; we’re now separated by a 2,300 mile flight. Fortunately, my […]

Grandma CL and I

Grandma CL wasn’t 99

My paternal grandmother died on Wednesday. I’m sad, but not in the classic “I just lost a loved one” sort of manner. I’ll miss her. More accurately, I’ll miss what I remember of her. Her death presently reaches me as more of a scroll with an outlined history of a particular section of my paternal […]

The frog.

Fringe Season 1 Finale

I finally reached the end of season 1. The submarine launch codes are 68339 ALPHA ECHO 358 (68339AE358).  

Chris Pin and Tom Hardy in "This Means War"

The Other Guy

Occasionally I wonder what would have happened if I told her that I pulled away due to the other guy.

Diamond Williams

Diamond Da’je Williams

I don’t think that I need to pour any effort into convincing you that there is something severely unsettling about going to the funeral of a murdered 16 year old girl. This is the forth funeral service that I have attended for a murder victim. Unlike the death of those that occurs as a result […]

Lianne La Havas in Baltimore (July 2014)

Lianne La Havas’ First Performance in Baltimore

Alice Smith opened. Rocked it. Lianne ripped it. Unfortunately I didn’t write about the concert right after it was done. My thoughts are now blocked by thoughts of “our little girl“.