Cowspiracy: The Tipping Point On sleepless roads the sleepless go “New” Year’s Theme?
Cowspiracy Poster A gentle reminder to get proper rest. Plan your days

All my life I’ve had to fight

Well, not really. I’m just thinking about my brother, John, who could convince one that he has ownership of that quote. I have had to fight a bit, with myself and with the popular notions of the world at large. Some time ago, my interpretation of beauty began to be redefined. During my pre and early […]

Surviving Depression

I’ve been wanting to write this piece for a bit now. I think that it was early this year that I encountered a video of a girl who survived her sister’s suicide. I don’t remember her name, but I’m subscribed to her channel on YouTube. The clearest details that I remember are that she can […]

Cowspiracy Poster

Cowspiracy: The Tipping Point

This is post #1 of 1 in the series “Threads of Vegan” For the record, this post has absolutely nothing to do with tipping cows and should not be regarded as some clever joke that will eventually mention my road trip with Mayfield to Columbus, Ohio, for the sole purpose of getting breakfast… the same […]

A gentle reminder to get proper rest.

On sleepless roads the sleepless go

I’ve discovered that eventually the body will begin to rebel against the mind if the mind does not do well by the body.

Plan your days

“New” Year’s Theme?

I generally do not get involved with making new years resolutions; this is mostly due to my not being motivated by such parameters. The chapters of my life seem to be more thematic or to be grandiose, cinematic. Thinking more deeply into the matter, I cannot associate the coming theme with the year as I do […]

Embracing my inner geek.

Heading back to Überfield

I have a few articles on Überfield that I need to complete. Most of my writing will be over there for a bit.  

Dietary changes

Since I began my veg(etarian|an) adventures I’ve made several single subtractive changes which ultimately led to my being vegan. I gave up eggs and milk separately as two separate decisions. After my latest series of weigh-ins, I’m considering another semi-major adjustment. The only step that I can see beyond being vegan is being raw vegan. To […]

Wordpress logo

WordPress MS

I’m finally taking the time to start configuring WordPress Multisite (formerly WordPress μ). I’ve reached the point where I have an unavoidable need to record the details of certain processes (experimental and practical). That is all for now.  

Out of Stock

Out of Stock

There exist a certain package in our store that is no longer in stock. The manufacturer has provided no date to refill our stock. As this is our only item of this type and the only item that we stock, our store is now closed. We do offer you our sincerest appreciation for having shopped […]


A Delayed Life Review

My yearly life review was delayed by a few weeks and even then, scattered and inconsistent. Despite the suboptimal framing, I’ve learned a bit from the time spent reviewing myself. I’m still human. I often feel strange due to my tendency of not showing emotion like other people. This outward aspect of my functionality is […]